Photo Diaries | TAMRA Skate Culture Based Closing Brand.

Shots from a videoclip shooting featuring DRO & Chavchika pt3 LUV
Directed by Krzysztof Wróbel DOP Lukasz Dry

Cutkill, Amiko Ninua wearing Tamra Tigers
Cutkill, Amiko Ninua wearing TAmra Tigers
DRO wearing Tamra with a Kitten

DRO with a New Friend

Nolihil and Rita at Margo Skateshop
DRO with Tamra Board
DRO wearing Tamra with a Kitten

Bavshvi and Rita at Margo Skateshop by Tamra 

Patarcase and Dro at Rati's Flying Castle

Patarcase and DRO at Rati Eradze's Flying Custle

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