VTB Tbilisi

This is one of the favorite spots of Tbilisi's skaters. For more than ten years different generations have been increasing their gap skills on these stairs. 

The spot has two small gaps of 3 and 4 stairs which is great for practicing. After comes the 8 stairs gap which gets more suitable once you're ready to conquer longer and higher distances. 

There are some benches, ledges, sets of gaps and rolldowns on and around the spot, so you can choose different paths of how to skate it.

Plus it's in the city center so you can easily connect to other big spots.  

  • Style : Street

  • Level : Beginner / Amateur / Pro

  • Security : 1/5 there's a little chance of getting kicked out.
    Everyone's got used to the fact that it's a skate spot.

  • Terrain : Rock pavement 

  • Condition : Fine

  • Night Lighting : Yes

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